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After I finished my technical education, I actually spent my entire professional life in the automotive industry. Before I decided to start my own business, I worked successively at:

  • TNO Road Vehicles Research Institute

    • Heavy Duty and Light Duty Engine Development

    • Turbocharger matching

    • Calibration and emission optimization

    • Simulation studies

    • Fundamental research

    • Development of alternative fuel equipment

  • NTZ Netherlands

    • development of filtration products and other (plastic) parts for Automotive and Industrial applications

  • IBS-Filtran

    • development of filtration products and oil pans for automotive transmissions


In addition, I have always been privately active in developing parts for, among other things, drag race motorcycles. Due to all the above activities, I have thoroughly immersed myself in the creation of products from plastic and metal, but also in the development of assembly lines that can turn parts into assemblies.



Experience and Expertise



  • Company Management Team member (CTO)

  • Team leader

  • Project manager

  • Automotive Sales


Computational Engineering

  • CAD Modelling (PTC Creo and SolidWorks)

  • FEA Analysis (Structural Analysis and CFD)

  • Combustion engine simulation (GT-Power)


Product development

  • Rapid prototyping (3D Printing, CNC Machining, Soft Tooling)

  • APQP Projects

  • Automotive standards


Engine development

  • Combustion engine development

  • Turbocharger matching

  • Engine component development

  • LPG and CNG conversions

  • Development of fuel supply equipment

  • Optimization of engine emissions and fuel consumption

  • Calibration of engine control systems

  • Development of hybrid and electric drivetrains



  • Plastics components and assemblies development

  • Injection molding

  • Development of injection molds



  • Adhesives (mostly PU and Epoxy)

  • Plastic welding (Laser and Ultrasonics)

  • Snap fit design

  • Analyzing assembly lines



  • Filter media development (wet laid glass, cellulose and (polyester) non-wovens)

  • Oil Filtration product development and application

  • Air Filtration product development


Automotive customer experience

  • VW

  • Audi

  • ZF

  • Mercedes

  • GM

  • Ford

  • FCA

  • Getrag (Magna)























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